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10, Yaroslaviv Val St

10, Yaroslaviv Val St Object code: # 7710 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 24000 uah look more

19, Prorizna St

19, Prorizna St Object code: # 7737 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 23000 uah look more

8, Darvina St

8, Darvina St Object code: # 7687 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 25000 uah look more

1, Sofiivs`ka St

1, Sofiivs`ka St Object code: # 7708 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 23000 uah look more

Office for Rent
6, Darvina St

6, Darvina St
Object code: # 8736
Quantity of rooms: 6

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Feng Shui in a house and apartment

Consultations of proficient specialist.


Does Feng Shui work?

Feng Shui

In the representation of most people the word "Feng Shui" associates with a bench of Chinese souvenirs – three-leg toads, mandarin-ducks, bundles of coins and bells ... It seems that it is very easy – we should place all the attributes of Feng Shui to different corners of the flat, and happiness will come to you by itself. Having read popular books and the information from the Internet, many people do so. But nothing happens, and people say: "It is nonsense." Of course, toads and ducks are nonsense (unless that someone likes such souvenirs). But what is Feng Shui indeed?

This ancient science has appeared in China over 5000 years ago and translates from the Chinese as "wind and water". Feng Shui - the science, which teaches how to live in harmony with the environment.

But it is not only a science but also an art, because in addition to knowledge of the formulas of Feng Shui consultant must also have some intuition to feel the flow of energy, or chi, in the space.

Of course, the living conditions of the ancient Chinese were different from todays. The inhabitants of ancient China (mainly rich people) used to build their homes taking into account the surrounding landscape - the direction of water flow, shape, and location of mountain ranges, the wind direction. In the modern metropolis, where most people live in the multistory buildings, it is difficult to consider the characteristics of the surrounding terrain, because it’s already done by architects and designers. And, unfortunately, it is not always in the best way.

But that doesn’t mean that Feng Shui doesn’t work in the modern flats. After all, we still have such important factors as the location and the direction of the front door, stove, bed, toilet.

It must be hard to imagine, but stove, which is situated in the wrong place, can cause stomach troubles, frequent flue or allergies. A position of the bed, where person spends a third part of a life, can be a reason of the relationship problems between a couple or the cause of infertility and problems with childbearing.

The front door is the main entry where energy enters the apartment and it affects many things, including the level of family income. It would be reasonable to invite a Feng Shui consulter when you are just planning to buy a real estate. In this case he will be able to find an apartment that is the best for you, which will keep your fortune and prosperity. If you’re already an owner of a real estate and have decided to invite a consultant to audit your home there will be less possibilities to change something in the flat. You can’t move the front door of the apartment and it is difficult to change the disposition of the toilet and kitchen. But, at least, you can move the bed.

Of course, one can argue that we can solve all our problems by making a permutation in the apartment. After all, Chinese claim that man’s luck consists of three parts:
- Heavenly - what is given to us from above - the country of birth, specific chromosome set - that we can not change;
- The human - thoughts, actions and deeds of the man;
- And, finally, the earth - the conditions in which people live, the energy of chi, that people receive from the environment. And this is the part of the good luck that we can improve, creating a harmonious atmosphere in your own home.

Feng Shui сonsultant

© Helen Shevchuk

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Feng Shui in a house and apartment

Consultations of proficient specialist.


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