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6, Darvina St
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Apartment rent in Kiev: summer at its height

Аренда жилья в Киеве: сезон в разгаре

Housing problem has been, is and will be on of the most essential and urgent one. Possibility of having shelter is as significant as necessity of eating and dressing. А trip or any other reason for staying in a city in Ukraine presupposes looking for housing offered on favourable terms and with perfect comfort.


Housing capital

Kiev is a megalopolis with huge opportunities of apartments leasing to those who come for business or an excursion, solving problems in various institutions or simply meeting with friends in Kiev.

If you visit the capital for a short period daily rent in Kiev is very convenient and profitable. There is a big range of such offers on the real estate market, so number of variants after the low season in winter is obviously beneficial for tenants. Excellent choice of apartments according to rooms number, furniture and household appliances equipment,  location in walking distance from main sights gives a possibility to rent an apartment on most favourable conditions.

When renting an apartment for a long period of time the most important points are financial aspect, rent period , public utilities payments. For example, newly married couple looks for an apartment at its own disposal, meanwhile a part of a flat is enough for students and employees, which  is reflected in demand and influences the offer.


Features of seasonal apartment rent market

Usually when the long-term rent agreements are signed, a  fixed price for the rent works.  It may appear that it’s profitable only for tenants. Certainly, it is not. The apartments’ owners also gain their benefit as tendencies of real estate market are unpredictable. Thus, no one can be sure that the demand of apartment rent will be constantly high.

A slight increase of the prices for rent was marked at the end of 2013 and at the beginning of 2014, which was related with the increase of dollar rate. The amount of the rent agreements signed has shown the stability of demand for accommodation with insignificant increase in some districts of Kiev and some segments according to total area and number of rooms.

Average prices around the capital have shown that a three-room apartment can be rented approximately for 6,5 thousand hryvnias, two-room apartment for 5,5 thousand hryvnias, one-room for 4,0 thousand hryvnias. These indexes can’t be absolutely precise, as the prices may very depending on remoteness of the offered accommodation from the center, condition of apartment (repair, availability of modern household appliances etc.) and other factors.

In summer the influx of tenants is especially significant as it’s time of vacations, arrival of university entrants for documents delivery in universities, job search by former students. Excursions and different courses, surprises for beloved and journeys with children on family weekends- it’s not just high season, it is glowing with the heat of  market-housing activity.

According to statistics, Darnytskyi district is considered to be the most affordable one for daily rent, rent for 1 month or longer, it is more difficult and expensive to rent a room in Pechersk district that has already become a tradition. Such situation is characteristic practically for all apartments, however, Shevchenko district comes first according to the highest prices for two-and three-room apartments up to 700 USD/month.

In some areas the increase of prices for daily rent is remarked. These are  Darnytskiy and Desna districts and also Dnipro one, which has the maximal rate increase.


What can be the rent market development in the capital?

Experts point out at tendencies of the considerable increase of prices for accommodation rent regardless duration of rent period. They expect the prices increase of 5% or even up to 10%.

I n order to save money, tenants started to rent a large apartment for 3 or more persons.  Such tendency became widely spread due to the easy search of potential neighbours by means of social networks. Bargain also gains steam and compromises in price for both parties are found much easier.

Whatever the modernity was, there is a demand for apartments in Kyiv and specialists mark no signs of its decline. Changes are possible, but they are in fact inevitable.

We wish you success in housing decisions!


June 3, 2014

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