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19, Prorizna St

19, Prorizna St Object code: # 7737 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 23000 uah look more

10, Yaroslaviv Val St

10, Yaroslaviv Val St Object code: # 7710 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 24000 uah look more

30Б, Saksagans`kogo St

30Б, Saksagans`kogo St Object code: # 8557 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 21000 uah look more

8, Darvina St

8, Darvina St Object code: # 7687 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 23000 uah look more

Office for Rent
6, Darvina St

6, Darvina St
Object code: # 8736
Quantity of rooms: 6

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Apartments for rent in Kyiv downtown. Rent price, September 2011

We consider the rent price of apartments in Kyiv downtown.

Apartments are renovated to Western standard, furnished, equipped upon the tenants’ requirements and meet the quality and safety standards of accommodation.

We deliberately do not average monthly rent because the amount of rent price will vary greatly depending on the type of building, area, level of renovation, number of bedrooms, furniture, and location.

Daily Rent in Kiev

Apartments for rent in Kyiv downtown

Single - room apartments (34-50 sq. m.) – 800$-1200$ per month;

Two - room apartments, one bedroom (40-78 sq.m.) – 1000$-1600$ per month;

Three - room apartments, two bedrooms (75-120 sq. m.) – 1200$-2500$ per month;

Four - room apartments, 2-3 bedrooms (110-150 sq. m.) – 1800$-3500$ per month;

Five - room apartments, 3-4 bedrooms (150-220 sq. m.) – 3000$-5500$ per month;

Six - room apartments, 4-6 bedrooms (200-350 sq. m.) – 5000$-8000$ per month.

There is a rule for large apartments over 150 square metres: The price per square metre is: - 20$, renovation of the average quality; - 25$, fresh western standard renovation; - 30$, fresh western standard renovation, new building.

Within a year the constant sustainable demand for apartment lease is observed in all segments of market. The rent price growth for 9 months is about 15%.

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