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1, Sofiivs`ka St

1, Sofiivs`ka St Object code: # 7708 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 23000 uah look more

8, Darvina St

8, Darvina St Object code: # 7687 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 25000 uah look more

19, Prorizna St

19, Prorizna St Object code: # 7935 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 18000 uah look more

10, Yaroslaviv Val St

10, Yaroslaviv Val St Object code: # 7710 Quantity of rooms 2 Price: 24000 uah look more

Office for Rent
6, Darvina St

6, Darvina St
Object code: # 8736
Quantity of rooms: 6

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Cosy apartment for rent

There is a popular request in the Google search engine on rent "a cosy apartment”. It would be interesting to know what does the consumer mean by asking such a request, and what he wants to get? It is difficult to give a definite answer. But we try, because if there is a request, there must be an answer. So, a cosy apartment for rent in the realtor’s consideration is:

In the first place it is a good location. Well, it is fully impossible to find it in the suburbs. Everyone has his own criteria about this. But everyone can agree that if the apartment is in the downtown, this is a good and safe location!

Second, a well-designed layout, spacious, light rooms with lovely views. The concept of a cosy apartment also includes: a high class renovation; calm style - light modern; free minimalism with elements of country style; unobtrusive wall color; cleanliness; good lighting with a soft light; comfortable and practical furniture; quiet bedroom with blackout curtains; large orthopedic mattress bed; large modern LCD TV with a wide choice of channels; high speed Internet with Wi-Fi access and DVD Surround Sound System.

Apartment for rent in Kiev should be offered with a washing machine and boiler, which guarantees the constant hot water. Big equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, electric kettle, coffee machine, toaster and full set of dishes, including champagne glasses, is also required.

Paintings, photos, drawings - those things that create the mood are also necessary in the apartment.

The most important thing is an apartment atmosphere. It is precisely this fact that creates the concept of a cosy apartment. Real estate agency "Teren Plus" - cosy apartments for rent. Cosy apartments for daily rent. We will buy a cosy apartment for you.

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Take advantage of our experienced team’s service “Property management”. The real estate agency helps you to lease your apartment or office quickly and at maximum profit.

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Feng Shui in a house and apartment

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